Attempt to share the knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda for the benefit of those seeking optimal health, this meaning a harmonious balance and integration within body, mind, and spirit.


Our teaching in Yoga is supported by its sister science Ayurveda or Life Knowledge, which is the healing science of Yoga. Understanding Ayurveda is essential to the appropriate application of Yoga.


My intention with DHYANA YOGA AND AYURVEDA is to share and build communities that empower true health and wellness.

Everyone carries the virtue of happiness and freedom in their essence. Yoga and Ayurveda are powerful tools that help us to remember who we truly are. This ultimate question, “WHO AM I” opens the gate from ignorance into the Light of wisdom, the Divine encounter with our Highest Consciousness; the space of ultimate Bliss and Freedom.
Understanding this, I welcome everyone, every level or expertise to embrace and rediscover your practice at a personalized level or at semi-private classes working with small group of a maximum of seven students at the time. At every class, you will find the right fit for your personal practice and growth

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