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Ayurveda Consultations

The healing approach of Ayurveda is to understand and treat the individual and its entire nature (body, mind, and spirit). It is not a mere physical or chemical form of medicine. It is an integrated approach towards wellness and wellbeing that paved the path towards awakening into our highest consciousness, which ultimately is the path towards liberation and freedom from the cycle of suffering.


At an Ayurvedic consultation, we will guide you to understand three fundamental points which will help you to get the information and knowledge on how to bring balance back to your integrated health. These points are:


1.   Identify your own Prakruti. Learn how to protect, respect and honor your own and unique constitution.

2.   Acknowledge the nature or root of the imbalance. This is the Vikruti “after creation”.

3.   Recognize the nature of the medicine and methodology used to bring balance back.


Working together, we will build a plan that can help you proclaim your health and balance back.

Book your Ayurveda Consultation 

Time: 90min 

Fee: $90 CAN 

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