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The healing approach of Ayurveda is to understand and treat the individual and its entire nature (body, mind, and spirit). It is not a mere physical or chemical form of medicine.



Ayurvedic healing method involves healing, preventive and rejuvenating techniques using different methods like diet, lifestyle, herbs, massage, pranayama, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, gems, and others. These techniques base on the recognition of each individual constitution Prakruti, their Doshas and tendencies and their current Vikruti or imbalances.


At an Ayurvedic consultation, I will guide you to understand three fundamental points which will help you to get the information and knowledge on how to bring balance back to your integrated health. These points are:


1.   Identify your own Prakruti. Learn how to protect, respect and honour your own and unique constitution.

2.   Acknowledge the nature or root of the imbalance. This is the Vikruti “after creation”

3.   Recognize the nature of the medicine and methodology used to bring balance back.


Working together, we will build a plan that can help you proclaim your health and balance back.

Prakruti or Constitution:


Recognize as your “original creation”, means that every human being has been born with a specific percentage of the element’s energies (ether, air, fire, water and earth).

These energies build the inherent balance of the doshas at birth. These combinations of forces make the unique person you are, along with your tendencies on behaviour, illnesses and temperament, your overall tendency at a physiological and psychological unfolding.


These specific characteristics are the reflection of the Doshas.

Therefore, a dosha defines a personal constitution.


The eightfold examination process: Ashtavidha Pariksha, which involve the following steps:


1.   Checking of the Pulse.

2.   Information from the urine.

3.   Information from the feces.

4.   Tongue examination.

5.   Sounds in the body.

6.   The complexion of the eyes.

7.   The appearance of the nails. 

8.   General appearance.






Based on your current nature of imbalance which is your Vikruti, I will help you design a plan to build a harmonious environment towards balance and health.


This environment involves everything that surrounds you. Considering the information, you absorb through your five senses, as well as the environment where you perform during your daily life or routine.


As an Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant, I will use the nature or qualities (Gunas) of the treatment which best can help reclaim the balance back from your current situation.

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