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I’m Diana, the owner and founder of DHYANA AYURVEDIC TEAS & INFUSIONS, am a registered yoga instructor and therapist. As well as an Ayurvedic lifestyle educator, meditation, and breath coach.
My tea brand is an extension of this Yoga philosophy, union and respect.
The tea blends are a mindful creation that supports health and wellbeing in general. Through these blends, I look to share more education about living better and fully. I do believe that happier people are grateful, and they live in a way that supports their inner joy, as well as living in a way that can encourage the happiness of those around them.
As an outdoors enthusiast, I witness the negative impact we leave on our home, planet Earth. These are some of the reasons I am so passionate about offering my teas to educate and create awareness of our inner and outer nature. 
I feel the responsibility of supporting other organizations that share my same values and educational commitments towards leaving this world better than how we find it. To work towards balance and harmony in every role we perform in life.

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Dhyana Ayurvedic Teas Phylosophy

We are not only a brand that offers high-quality tea but a movement that inspires us to be part of a more sustainable world and way of living. We believe in the possibility of living harmoniously with our planet while enjoying high-quality products and services. We support fair trade and sustainable practices committed to the wellbeing of cultivators, the land, and the ecosystem.

How we approach tea is a lifestyle that offers the opportunity to learn to live in the present moment. To enjoy the simplicity of a mindful moment with a cup of tea, and it that moment awake into wonder. To be open to infinite possibilities of being and becoming one with nature and everything around you.

Through our beautiful product, we look to serve as educators. We promote a more mindful way of living. A movement where we can benefit without harming Nature, but nurturing and protecting her, so we can all grow and expand in our experience of being alive.

We are strong supporters of protecting our natural resources and especially water. Our motto says: “Without water, life can’t exist. Without water, you can’t enjoy a lovely cup of tea”. Our tea blends are certified organic by ECOCERT Canada.

We search meticulously different tea providers to ensure their values and philosophy align with ours. Together we share a solid responsibility to offer a high-quality product that cares about people and our planet. Our teas are certified Fairtrade. On the Fairtrade side, my tea provider wrote the original Canadian contract and had the first license for Fairtrade tea in Canada back in 1999. One of the advantages of our direct buying system is that we can ensure that a fair price is paid for our teas.

For our artisanal factory project, the Tea Studio of my tea supplier in the Nilgiri Hills, India, have hired an all-woman team in a region where women have few opportunities for such jobs. They also put aside 1% of all sales from the Tea Studio for social needs of the region and are working projects to improve the facilities of the neighbouring village T.Manihatty.

Our pouches are produced and printed with Eco-friendly packaging, sustainable printing & under a reduce waste philosophy. Our pouches are recyclable. We look to transmit a positive message through the art design in our pouches. They promote creativity, harmony and a way of conscious living.

The images and messages are about nature, water, and wellbeing.

I wish you a deep and unique experience each time you enjoy Dhyana’s teas. This is an invitation to “ Savour The Moment. “

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