April 20, 2017

For many years, I dreamed of having the opportunity to live in the country, to be close to Nature. I dreamed of being close enough that by opening the windows and doors I would feel Mother Earth breathing into my home. I longed to feel the fresh air and hear the symphony of birds welcoming me into a new day, into a new beginning.

A couple of years ago, my dream became a reality, and my family and I embraced the adventure of living in the country. I started to appreciate and understand more about the wonderful soil we were honoured

to receive, I felt a great responsibility to Nature. This amazing land deserved to be protected, loved, and cared for. It needed to be cultivated, and to be given the chance to express its full potential. As I planted th...

February 1, 2017


The transition from winter to spring is a fascinating opportunity to learn, to awake, to reborn and to cleanse our bodies (physical, mental, spiritual).

Tuning to the flow of Nature’s rhythms, help us to observe from a deeper place of awareness the changes occurring in our surroundings and in our inner nature.

During the darker and cooling months of winter, specially January and February, it is not surprising to hear comments like:

I am tire of this cold weather!

Too much snow, I don’t like it, I am tire of it!

I want to escape to a warmer place… Bring me to Florida…

I had enough, etc, etc, etc….

All these emotions share something in common: lack of warm or heat, lack of Light.

The e...

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