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Summer Yoga, Ayurveda & Meditation Retreat

An Ayurvedic approach for balancing your digestion

To enjoy perfect health, one must have a good digestive fire: Jatharagni.

Learn basic and simple tips that will help you address different digestive issues. In Ayurveda, many common illnesses like colds, flu, allergies, fatigue, eczema and even more complicated illnesses such as anemia, eating disorders, arthritis, chronic constipation etc., are due to digestive fire imbalances. Which ultimately cause an environment for diseases.

With a balanced inner Fire, you can start enjoying and receiving the fullness of nutrients, in a physical, mental and emotional way.  

At Iona retreat house, we will offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in an intimate and semi-private retreat. Opening a lovely space to relax, share and learn.


Looking forward to welcoming the light of summer with you.


Full weekend retreat Friday, June 9 (4:30 pm) - Sunday, June 11/ 2017 (2:30 pm) 

Share accommodation. Two people per room.

Max. six overnight participants.


Cost: $340 HST included for the full retreat (overnight).

One Massage included.

All vegan meals (mostly organic & local), yoga, meditation, and workshops also included.


Day retreat available for Saturday, June 10th (7:00 am - 7:00 pm):

If you can't join us for the full retreat, this option is for you. Cost: $150 HST included.

Includes day meals, yoga, meditation and workshops (Massage it is not included but can be arranged).


For more information please email:


The Iona Woods, Retreat House

8118 Iona Road, Iona Station ON

If you want to Pay Online using your Credit Card or Paypal, CLICK Here

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