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Workplace and Corporate Yoga & Mindfulness Classes and Programs

Our employment consumes most of our day, helps us pay for our lifestyle, feeds us with a valid sense of belonging, recognition and even purpose. But it can also be a considerable source of stress.
Mindfulness and the practice of yoga help reduce the level of mental and physical stress that can be generated in the workplace.
These practices can favor the ability to focus, to concentrate, living in the present moment and experiencing in a really conscious way what we are doing, reflecting in greater productivity and personal and group satisfaction.

In our classes your employees will learn simple and practical techniques of mindfulness, meditation, breathing and movements (yoga asanas) that effectively support a better life, help to reduce the level of stress and anxiety that can be use not only during the workday but also implement them in the daily routine, benefiting and enriching your employees lifestyle, at a persona level, in their relationships and in any other medium in which they work and interact.


When we learn to focus, maintain constant attention, communicate with kindness and compassion, and manage our frustrations intelligently, we can prevent many of the consequences that lead to job dissatisfaction. The benefits of this millennial practices will be translated into job satisfaction, ownership and interest in employment and business, greater productivity, creativity and job performance, in addition to improving the general environment among employees and managers.

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