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- Craft Honey

- Unpasteurized

- 100% Pure

- Local, Komoka ONT

Bees are my wise teachers and beloved friends.

I have planted and built a safe environment filled with love and respect for these magical creatures.

Our beautiful landscaping flourishes in abundance, nurturing and protecting the flora, insects, birds, and wildlife native to our area of Ontario.

We are pesticide-free and full of dreams and hope.

Our mission is to educate and foster a conscious community that honors life in all its beautiful expressions.

We are Symbiosis.

We live together, in harmony.


Honey, nature’s sweet, golden nectar.

From an Ayurveda perspective, sweet taste or rasa carries loving-kindness, compassion, and joy.

Honey is considered an Oja builder.

Ojas is the vital energy that supports, builds, and protects the body.

Ojas promote vitality, longevity, joy, vigor, stamina, and patience.

Ojas is the fountain of immunity.

Hand Crafted Bee Wax Products for Sale
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