Participants: 1

Price: $50 Can

Duration: 1hr


Participants: 2

Price: $25 Can/ Person

Duration: 1hr

Small group

Participants: 3

Price: $20 Can/ Person

Durantion: 1hrs

Mid size group

Participants: 4 -5

Price: $15 Can/ Person

Duranton: 1hr

Big group

Participants: 6 -10

Price: $10 Can/ Person

Duranton: 1hr


Dhyana Yoga and Ayurveda private classes address every one per his/her Ayurvedic constitution, physiological and anatomical uniqueness to build the right yoga practice for their needs.

I offer a comprehensive practice that is equally applicable for beginners and seasoned practitioners of yoga alike. 
Since yoga acts upon the subtle energies of the body, it is the quickest way to readjust and regain one’s natural state of health. Each participant is balanced by certain asanas (postures), mantras (chants), and pranayama (breathing techniques).

You will learn at the comfort of your own home, powerful fusions of Dhyana (meditation) Yoga and Ayurveda based on the integration of techniques designed to restore balance in your body, mind, and soul. The intention of this practice is to provide knowledge for the participants to build their yoga practice to their needs using simple Ayurvedic Yoga modifications. 

Semi-private and group classes are also available. Please contact us if you require more information.

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