Feeding bees during Winter Time. Fondant

Yea!!!! My bees made it through this tough and long winter.

Time to celebrate!!!!

Never underestimate the power of little creatures or little things

Bees are fascinating insects. They are efficient, organized, and independent. However, they know the importance of working together as a community to build a strong colony.

They work in synchronicity and symbiosis within the hive, surroundings, and nature to enjoy a healthy and robust colony.

However, bees that must face very low winter temperatures and long and cold months without access to their natural food supply (flowers) will be challenged to get enough nutrients. And they can starve to death.

It is essential for a beekeeper to leave enough honey to count on a good food supply after Fall. Check your bees during winter and ensure they will have enough food until spring arrives since sometimes, they might start running low on food.

A great alternative to give a sweet boost to your bees is by making at home, from scratch fondant.

Fondant that you buy in regular stores can add high fructose corn syrup, cornstarch, coloring, and flavorings.

Unlike syrup, fondant is dry, so the bees can use it immediately.

Feeding bees syrup can increase the humidity in the hive, and if a freeze comes, the hive can freeze because of the moisture.

Fondant is just plain sugar, water, and a small amount of white vinegar, apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.

The best sugar is to use is just plain white cane sugar.

Avoid using powdered sugar since it often has anti-caking ingredients such as corn starch or tapioca.

Don’t use brown sugar, which might be caramelized or have molasses in it, both of which are not good for bees.