Honey and Ayurveda

Simbeeosis Honey, nature’s sweet, golden nectar.

From an Ayurveda perspective, sweet taste or rasa carries loving-kindness, compassion, and joy.

Honey is considered an Oja builder.

Ojas is the vital energy that supports, builds, and protects the body.

Ojas promote vitality, longevity, joy, vigor, stamina, and patience.

Ojas is the fountain of immunity.Among the many benefits of honey is the catalytic carrier, which brings deeper the actions of other substances into the tissues.

Contrary to other sweeteners, honey stimulates Agni, the digestive fire.Its warmth qualities make honey a good choice during Fall and spring.

Some of the benefits of honey are related with:

- Pacifying excess of Kapha, clearing the lungs, and supporting the health of the respiratory tract.

- Supports digestion and elimination by empowering Agni and producing bile

- Externally promotes the health and luster of the skin